PRODUCTION VALUE in Bilbao vom 7.-15. Januar 2017

Are you an assistant director or a line producer/production manager interested in improving your scheduling and budgeting skills at an international level, in learning from senior professionals, and in developing a European network?

Are you a producer with a complex project, interested in getting a schedule and a budget supervised by top-level first assistant-directors and line producers?

A growing success in the European Film industry, PRODUCTION VALUE is an 8-day workshop that aims at strengthening the creative partnership of assistant directors and line producers/production managers with producers and directors. It focuses on 6 European feature films and TV series in preproduction, endeavouring to meet the creative and financial challenges of each project. Past tutors have included Marco Valerio Pugini (Italy – letters to juliet, rome), Stuart Renfrew (UK – 5 Stephen Frears’ films, pride, bridget jones’ diary), Scott Kirby (Germany – v for vendetta, a most wanted man), José-Luis Escolar (Spain – agora, knight and day) and Michael Schwarz (Germany – oliver twist, borgia).

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Date and venue: 7 – 15 January 2017 in Bilbao, Spain

Registration deadline: 10 November 2016

This 8-day European Training Workshop is proposed by FOCAL resource (The Netherlands), the Finnish Film Foundation, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Swedish Film Institute and FOCAL (Switzerland), with the support of the EU Creative Europe / MEDIA Programme and the Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission.

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