Early Bird Anmeldung für „The Heroine’s Journey Workshop“ mit Tom Schlesinger

(Tom at the Filmfest München 2016, photography by Jessica Hahner

(Tom at the Filmfest München 2016, photography by Jessica Hahner

Early Bird Deadline für  „The Heroine’s Journey“ ist der 11. November 2016.
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Join Tom Schlesinger’s ground-breaking workshop to learn how the Heroine’s Journey approach to storytelling connects you to your audience in the most powerful way – emotionally. You will gain concrete tools and storytelling strategies that immediately apply to female-driven narrative storytelling.

Through lecture, video clips, writing and storytelling exercises, Tom will reveal the unique ways to shape the dramatic arcs of powerful female protagonists, like in The Good Wife, Borgen, Jessica Jones, Homeland, A Separation and Erin Brockovich. Tom will also include a special segment on the Heroine’s Journey for male protagonists, like Billy Elliot.

Tom Schlesinger has taught storytelling seminars at Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, the Banff Centre, the Red Bull Media House, the American Film Institute, Constantin Film, the Bayerische Rundfunk, the ARD-ZDF Medienakademie, the Writers Guild of America, the Directors Guild of America, and Constantin Film.  Tom was the story mentor on the female-driven Academy Award-winning Nowhere in Africa and Academy Award nominee, Beyond Silence; he was the writer/consultant on the female-driven HBO documentaries A Small Act and Prom Night in Mississippi featuring Morgan Freeman, and was Creative Producer on Shirley: Visions of Reality, which premiered at the Berlinale and has been shown internationally.

Regular fee: 350 € plus 19% MwSt = 416,50 €
Early Bird until Nov 11th: 310 € plus 19% MwSt = 368,90 €

Student Rate: 210 € plus 19% MwSt =  249,90 €

This is an experiential workshop where you will become even more confident, innovative, and prolific storytellers.YOU WILL LEARN

How female-driven universal themes connect you emotionally to your audience.
To implement the 7 ways in which all great female-driven stories function
How solution-oriented heroine stories are commercially successful
How to capture your creative blueprint with the Storytellers Workbook
How male protagonists can go on the Heroine’s Journey


The Storytellers Playbook that captures the creative blueprint of your story
The new Heroine’s Journey Model that charts the steps you take to tell compelling stories
The Plot Energy Curve Model that guides you to engage your audience from beginning through the middle and end of your stories
Key Creative Team Strategies to collaborate more effectively and efficiently during story development.

The Workshop will be held in English.

More information: http://scriptmakers.de/heroinesjourney

Please send an email to Sandra Ehlermann: heroinesjourney@scriptmakers.de